Welcome to My Home

Françoise, one of our beautiful artisans, has blown us away with her enthusiasm and growing hope. We were able to visit her newer home, which has been under consistent construction, because of her basket making and YOUR generous purchases. It’s a beautiful mud home where she lives with her husband and two children. She is now the proud owner of a door and plans to buy windows so that they are no longer covered with rusty old tin. After that, she will buy additional doors for the inside, which will replace the tattered fabric hanging there now. 

We have been really proud to see Françoise step out in joining our new reading and writing class that will be taught weekly on the island. There, she will gain even more abilities to grow her business and provide for her family! 

Charlotte, her youngest child, is six months old and had the best time getting to meet our little Charleston. It's really been a blast to see so many connections born. We are extra thankful for our time in Françoise’s home and look forward to seeing her windows and doors that will be coming soon!

May 26, 2016