Maternal Health Program

According to UNICEF, out of 1000 live births, 26 of infants in Rwanda don't make it. In the Lake Kivu community, the infant mortality rate is even higher due to the expecting mothers having even fewer resources. Without prenatal care, both the mother and the baby are at risk due to a lack of maternal education and warning signs being missed. 

In 2019, we partnered with four remote island villages on Lake Kivu to bring comprehensive maternal education programs to their local communities. We provide on-going monthly group classes for the expecting mothers of the community to come together, share a meal and prepare for their journey of motherhood.
The classes focus on 5 crucial areas:

It costs $50 for an expecting mother to complete all 5 training classes of the program. On average, 540 mothers a year participate in the program. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to support the expecting mothers of the Maternal Health Education Program by equipping them with the training needed for them and their babies to remain healthy throughout the pregnancies and far beyond.  



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