The New Hope Shop Landscaping Reveal

Last month we announced the newest location of The Hope Shop at 1857 Government Street in Baton Rouge.

Then we shared how the location had A LOT of work to be done — painting, replacing boards, tearing down walls, and the landscaping.

We had a group of local volunteers come out one Saturday morning in February to help us clean out the yard, lay sod, plant flower beds, pressure wash, and trim trees.

The whole project was lead by one of our Partners in Hope, Rob Treppendahl of Treppendahl Landscape in Baton Rouge.

Rob started his local landscaping business in 2012 to combine his love for the outdoors, creative design and entrepreneurship. Treppendahl Landscape has morphed from a typical do-it-all landscaping company to a highly specialized residential maintenance machine.

Thanks to him donating his time and some of the materials, we were able to completely transform the Hope Shop’s lawn in just several hours.

You can see Treppendahl Landscape and our volunteers working hard to make it happen in this quick video!

The Hope Shop Landscaping Reveal with Treppendahl Landscape from Rebecca Gardner on Vimeo.

Partners in Hope is our business give back program. We’re looking for strategic business partners to come alongside our organization, helping our life-changing programs grow and thrive.

We’re looking for partners who have a heart for economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities, women’s empowerment, adult literacy and maternal health education.

Written March 11, 2020