Saving Money

There are countless things you don’t think about when working in a third world county. You could never plan for the things that will actually surprise you. Life here is different, so different that it's often far beyond our comprehension. What we would consider a normal way of life has never crossed their minds. That doesn’t make one any better or worse, simply different. For progress, for growth, we have to do it together. We have to walk the journey side by side, learning from one another every step. 

One thing we have quickly learned is their lack of financial knowledge. Saving is a huge issue for these new artisans, especially ones who’ve never known what it’s like to earn an income. We learned that they will often spend the money as quickly as they make it because their needs are great. In the moment, they easily mistake what should actually be taking priority for what seems best. 

We desire sustainability for the ladies and their families. We don’t want to just be giving them an income, but an income that serves them well. We don’t want to see them have money for two days at a time, but to see them gain savings accounts. We want to see them making money that, in turn, works for them. So, that’s part of this walking, part of our journey on Nkombo Island. If we don’t teach them, who will? 

Once we realized how deep this need was for financial education, there was no doubt it was time to act! Hands Producing Hope has started a savings class that will teach and equip the women to strategically plan, budget and save. They will work together to set goals and meet them. They have accountability.


Every challenge, every success, will be faced together and together they will become better. 

The ladies are so excited about this opportunity and have willingly joined in. We can’t wait to see what’s in store. Their dedication and growth has already been inspiring and we know that this will be no exception!

June 16, 2016