Partners in Hope: Aline Moreaux

Our Partners in Hope are a large reason why our organization is able to thrive the way that it does.

One Partner that we owe many thanks to is Aline Moreaux of Aline Prints + Design.

She’s a local Baton Rouge artist and designer that recently did some incredible art work for us at The Hope Shop.

We met Aline through the Mid City Makers Market and we fell in love with her work.

Coincidentally, Aline was looking to do community work as part of her senior project at LSU, and we were in need of new art work that could convey our organization’s message at our new location in Mid City.

When Aline first started brainstorming ideas for her creation, her main goal was to “…show the Baton Rouge and global community how choosing to invest in a small business has the power to change a person’s life.”

Her mind-set aligned perfectly with the image that we wanted to display for our new brick and mortar shop.

Aline was able to create a series of posters that both illustrated our message and displayed testimonials of our artisans in Rwanda, Costa Rica and Baton Rouge.

“They allow my audience to understand that there is a direct correlation with spending money on artisan goods and supporting a woman’s livelihood,” she said.

Her hard work and dedication didn’t stop there!

Aline took our mission and transformed it into a visual representation of everything we stand for here at Hands Producing Hope.

Her mural illustrated the cultures of all of the women and artisans that our organization works to provide for and support.

Due to the virus, Aline was never able to paint the mural, but we did get to see a mock-up of what it would have looked like. We were SO impressed with the way she was able to transform our mission into art!

With the opening of the new Hope Shop, Aline even helped us design our new logo and store sign.

Now, thanks to Aline, we have a brand new print online and in store that says “HOPE” and each letter represents a different community that our organization has worked with. Click the link below to check it out!