Meet Consolièt!

To know Consolièt is to love her! She is driven and enthusiastic about all the opportunities Hands Producing Hope is providing her! Being welcomed into her home was such a privilege. We are so proud of the way she has chosen to rise above all circumstances that could easily hold her back. Her basket making skills are incredible, not to mention that she is joining the reading and writing class, which will bring even more liberation and empowerment!

We squeezed a whole crew of us into a tiny space, approximately 5ft by 8ft, which was her sitting area. Attached was another room not much larger, which was used as their bedroom. Consolièt lives there with her husband and 4 quickly growing children. As you can imagine, this is an extremely cramped home, something that most of us could never imagine living in even alone. Above, you can see her and her family in front of their home.

Because Consolièt now has an income, she has bought her children health insurance! Next, she plans to build a new larger home nearby in order to be close to her husband's parents. Here, her husband stands on the ground where a home is soon to be built! They are excited that this is finally becoming possible and look forward to being able to better provide for their children. Consolièt and her husband praise God for such an incredible opportunity that is literally impacting generations to come.

We thank YOU for your support that is making this ALL possible! It's easy to forget how BIG God can make our LITTLE. Our prayer is that through these individual's stories, you will be reminded we each have a place in a story much larger than ourselves.

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May 28, 2016