Maternal Health Education Program

Imagine preparing to bring a beautiful baby in the world without any access to prenatal care. Sadly, many expecting mothers in remote parts of Rwanda don't see a medical professional until they go into labor, or once they have already lost their baby. In 2019, we partnered with four remote island villages on Lake Kivu to bring comprehensive maternal education programs to their local communities. 

Through our monthly groups classes, the women in the Lake Kivu community gain necessary knowledge in five crucial areas: prenatal nutrition; the importance of regular clinical check ups; recognizing warnings signs and ways to respond; what to expect during labor; and postpartum and infant care. According to UNICEF, out of 1000 live births, 26 of infants in Rwanda don't make it. In the Lake Kivu community, the infant mortality rate is even higher due to the expecting mothers having even fewer resources. This has to change. 

Here at Hands Producing Hope we believe that all people should be afforded opportunities to provide for their families and flourish in their communities. The women of the Lake Kivu community need our help and change is necessary to save lives. 

A monthly $10 donation can go a long way in lowering the infant mortality rate in the Lake Kivu community. Giving up two coffee shop orders or one lunch with friends per month can pay for the trainings these expecting mothers need. 

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