How to Design a Basket Wall

When you walk into our brick-and-mortar, The Hope Shop, our basket wall is one of the first things you notice among all our fair trade products.

Our customers love it so much that we've even had women ask us to help them design their own basket wall! So we wanted to share our best tips with you here.

Let’s get started!


Start by measuring your space. Decide if you want fewer bigger baskets or more smaller baskets to fill your space.


Choose your center basket as the focal point. We suggest the largest basket be placed in the middle! Then choose a variety of sizes and patterns to complete your wall.

We’ve got options here!


We recommend laying your baskets out onto the floor into a pattern before hanging it on your wall. This allows you to play around with it until you get it how you like it.

We also suggest snapping a picture of it, just incase you try out a few things and find yourself loving the first arrangement you created.

Add in smaller baskets in a variety of sizes and colors. The more variety, the better!

We like to balance colors and sizes to make the basket wall more symmetrical. So if you place a smaller basket on one side of your center basket, balance your wall with another one similar in size on the opposite side.

The good news is, there's no way to mess it up! So do what you like!


When you get ready to hang your basket wall, hang the center basket first.

Then you can start adding smaller baskets around it.

We hung our baskets with a nail and hammer. We used small nails with a tiny nail head so it isn't as visible. It's easier to put the nail between the weaves of the basket. This also helps to camouflage the nail.

One nail should be sufficient for smaller baskets, but for the bigger baskets, you may need two nails.

We love our basket wall because it showcases the work and story behind our organization while also allowing us to get creative with the different colors and styles.

All of our baskets are carefully handcrafted by our artisans in Rwanda.

You may find minute differences between beads or stitches, but we consider these differences to be essential to the story behind our unique pieces - these products were made by a real person, whose life you touched.

To shop our baskets and get started on your very own basket wall, click here!