Eco Boxes Are Here!

We’ve been thinking up this idea for a little while now and we are so excited to have these available to you!

We wanted to introduce Eco Boxes as a less intimidating way to start the switch to more eco-friendly products and our hope is to keep growing and adding more items to these boxes!


Conserving Landfill Space

One of the biggest reasons we should be conscious of the waste we are creating, is to reduce the amount waste going into landfills. It’s important to decrease the need of creating more landfills which are a source of air and water pollution. According to the EPA, the average American produces 4.40 pounds of waste per day. Now think of how many people live in America…that’s A LOT of waste created every day! If we don’t decrease that number we will inevitably have to create more landfills, resulting in more pollution!

Conserving Resources

By reducing waste, we are able to conserve resources like aluminum, petroleum and trees. These resources are used to make things like plastic, cans and paper packaging.

Reduce Emission of Green House Gases

Mining, Refining and Manufacturing are responsible for emitting green house gases. By reducing waste, recycling and reusing we can build a more sustainable future and decrease the amount of green house gases being emitted. Every little step counts!


Shopping for Eco Friendly switches at The Hope Shop not only will make a positive change for your life but will directly effect the life of someone else! All of our products included in our Eco Boxes are fair trade.

Brands Included:

Dot Cup: For every Dot Cup purchased, one is given to a woman or girl, providing her the opportunity to prioritize her work, education and community involvement without shame or interruption.

Bee Light: Bees Wax Wrap made in Rwanda with bees wax. This company provides fair pay to beekeepers in Rwanda. Their goal in creating Bee Light was to provide work for individuals who would normally not have access to the normal stream of labor force. They give jobs to women, individuals who did not have the opportunity to finish schooling, as well as people living with a social or physical handicap.

Hello Food: Gives employment opportunity to individuals in India with disabilities and leprosy. They have access to fair pay, further education and medical care.