Artisan Update: Our Sewing Students


Meet Valencia and Beatriz! Our Rwandan seamstress partners who participated in a year-long sewing school because of your support. After their graduation in June of 2017, HPH gifted them with their very own sewing machines. By having their own machines, Valencia and Beatriz can now start their own businesses. Having their businesses will help each of these women be financially independent while doing dignified work and also help them to invest in their local economy!

Multiple times a week for the year-long extent of their education, local seamstresses would meet with Valencia and Beatriz for class. The funding for their classes and sewing machines were provided by donations and of shoppers of HPH. Product purchases from HPH and your donations make such an impact on our artisan’s lives, and because of this support, we are able to fund the education of women like Valencia and Beatriz, and set them on a path of independence and financial stability.







Written March 21, 2018