Sometimes motherhood brings some unexpected challenges. We often envision our lives looking a certain way and there is always this element of surprise when things don't turn out as we had envisioned. Even if that change is better for you and your family, when its not what you expected  it can throw us for a loop! 

Irma's daughter Nancy is 15 years old now. Like all other mothers on the reservation in Costa Rica, she faces many barriers to be able to provide for her children. But Irma has an extra set of challenges. Nancy is deaf and mute. 

We wanted to highlight Irma during this campaign because she is #amomlikeyours. She is kind, has a servant heart, a hard worker, and will do anything for her kids. She didn't expect to be raising a special needs daughter. Just like many of you didn't expect the challenges that have been thrown your way! But that hasn't stopped her from trying to give herself and her family the best life possible. 

Irma has been working with us for a little over a year now. We are honored to have her on our team and with your help we will be able to keep providing her with work, life skills classes, and a better future for herself and her family!

Help us sustain and grow what we have started. Help support #amomlikeyours! 

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Photo credit: https://www.rebekahviola.com/

Written May 22, 2018