About Our Products


We make every effort to use natural and locally sourced materials in our products, to support local and small businesses, and to incorporate native patterns in our designs.


All of the seeds found in Hands Producing Hope products are harvested from the rain forest around the Coppey Abajo village, as an additional source of income for our artisans. They are each meticulously cleaned and drilled for use in our jewelry.

Paper & Fabric

Both our paper and our fabrics are sourced from local shops in San Vito, Costa Rica, just outside of the reservation. We make every effort to select paper that is made from recycled materials.


All of the baskets in the Nkombo Collection are either woven from grassy plant fibers found around the island or from recycled plastic harvested from empty rice bags. All of the baskets in the Wicker Collection are woven from vines found in the rain forest around the Coppey Abajo village.




All of our products are carefully handcrafted by our artisans. You may find minute differences between beads or stitches, but we consider these differences to be essential to the story behind our unique pieces - these products were made by a real person, whose life you touched. The challenge of learning and improving on new skills has only continued to build our artisans' confidence in themselves and their dreams.




To care for your jewelry, simply wipe with a lightly damp cloth and dry immediately. All of our jewelry is designed to last for years to come; however, none of our products are water-resistant so be mindful when coming into extensive contact with water.