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In remote parts of Rwanda, pregnant mothers have little access to life saving prenatal education, putting unborn babies and their mothers at risk. Warning signs are missed and babies are lost.

For many women, the first time they see a medical professional is the day they go into labor, or once they have already lost their baby.

This has to change.
And we need your help.

Hands Producing Hope has partnered with four remote island villages on Lake Kivu to bring a comprehensive program into their local communities.

Through our on going monthly group classes we are training pregnant mothers in areas such as:

  • Prenatal nutrition

  • The importance of regular clinical check ups

  • Recognizing warning signs and ways to respond

  • What to expect during labor

  • Postpartum and infant care


Goals of the Maternal Health Education Program:

1.Ensure that all mothers have access to life saving prenatal education.

2. Lower infant and maternal death rates in rural Rwanda.

3. Empower moms with education and information to care for themselves and their babies.

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It is nice that we can ask questions. Sometimes we fear because we don’t know. But now that I know, I fear less.
I met Eveline at the training class last week, and afterwards, she came to see me at the clinic. Eveline is very thankful she came to the training. She told me she didn’t realize the importance of going to the clinic before. At her examination, I discovered she had a disease that often results in complications like premature birth, infections to babies, and anomalies. We are treating her now.
It helps me to know when the baby is coming and when to send women to the health center. The number of unassisted births has already reduced.

This new program is already making a remarkable impact in the communities of Lake Kivu. However, we still have a lot of work to do.

So, how can you get involved?

An initiative like this one depends on passionate and devoted supporters like you. There are many ways to get involved—whether it be by becoming a monthly donor, or by simply buying a t-shirt, by spreading awareness in your communities or by becoming a business partner.

If you’d like to learn more about the Maternal Health Education Program, and the best way to be a part of it, contact us HERE.