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We believe in the impact of college students. We believe in their heart for social justice and for a better world. We believe in a generation of world changers. Help us engage college campuses by becoming a Campus Ambassador! While working alongside us, you will become a part of Hands Producing Hope's story - empowering our artisans through trunk shows, blog posts, and much, much more.



+ Who Should Apply?

Anyone who is a college student, is passionate about social justice and loves Hands Producing Hope!

+ Why Should I Apply?

Becoming a Campus Ambassador will:

  • Educate you about fair trade, sustainable development and ethical fashion brands
  • Expand your experience in event planning and public speaking
  • Give you the inside scoop on a new and developing fair trade organization
  • Educate your local community about empowering women

+ What Will I Do?

You will have the minimum epectation of the following tasks:

  • Host 3+ trunk shows
  • Write a blog post each month as a CA
  • Contact your on-campus or local newspapers about featuring HPH
  • Share about HPH with your social media networks

+ How Do I Apply?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch with you shortly!


The past two years as a campus ambassador for Hands Producing Hope has been absolutely amazing! Not only have I learned more about myself and been able to experience more through this opportunity, but I have had the chance to make a positive impact on precious lives in Costa Rica and Rwanda. Being able to teach the significance of fair trade in my communities has had a lasting affect on my life, while wearing some pretty stylish jewelry too!
— Sarah, Campus Ambassador from 2014-2016


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