Quotes for Good


Over the past few months, Hands Producing Hope has seen a ton of growth and new developments—one being our new office location in Baton Rouge. Having our own space has brought with it too many blessings to count, but a recent one has been a new friend! A neighbor, in fact.

Cue the jingle: “Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is here.”

That’s right, Hands Producing Hope now lives right above State Farm Agent Paul Pacanovsky’s Acadian Thruway Office.

And a good neighbor he has been!

Through State Farm’s “Quotes for Good” Program, Paul has agreed to donate $10 to Hands Producing Hope for every quote he gives, no commitment required.

As a Louisiana transplant, Paul has spent the past nine years falling in love with our city with his wife and two children. He was involved, as an architect, in the Our Lady of the Lake Heart and Vascular Bed Tower Addition, completed in 2014, and has spent the last four years learning and growing as a State Farm agent. He is eager, he said, to get involved in community efforts like Hands Producing Hope’s.

“I believe strongly in helping women achieve equality, and I support fulfillment through education, especially when its not easily available,” said Paul. “Hands Producing Hope is a great fit for partnership with State Farm, which places such emphasis on giving back to its communities.”

Through this program, locals in Baton Rouge can help support Hands Producing Hope without spending a dime. It’s as simple as calling Paul’s office at 225-926-9575 or stopping by in person (come upstairs and say hi while you’re here!). Ask for Paul, Alyssa, Dylan, or Darren, mention Hands Producing Hope, and ask for a quote on an insurance plan that might be a good fit for you. Again, no commitment is required for the donation to go through, so if you then decide State Farm isn’t the right fit for you at this—no worries!

However, with over one hundred insurance products, including auto, fire, life, health, bank, and business, State Farm brings a lot to the table. This may be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to learn more about a plan totally customized to your lifestyle and directed by people living right here in your community.  

Every donation counts here at Hands Producing Hope, contributing to our mission of providing dignified work, skills training, literacy programs, life skills classes, and so much more. And through the “Quotes for Good” program, it’s as easy as a phone call.