Coffee With.. Peyton

Today, we are starting a new series "Coffee With.." that highlights other world changers and dreamers that we have the privilege of knowing! We are kicking off the series with one of our very own team members. Say hello to Peyton, our spring PR & Marketing Intern!

Coffee With Peyton - Hands Producing Hope

How did you first hear about Hands Producing Hope?

I first heard about Hands Producing Hope during the fall of last year when I joined ImPRint Communications, a student run PR firm on LSU's campus. I became the direct correspondent for ImPRint and Rebecca. I absolutely fell in love with HPH's mission and started volunteering on my free time, as well as for the events on campus that ImPRint planned for HPH. When Rebecca asked if I would be interested in interning with her, I was over the moon! I was so excited to learn and feel like I truly belonged with the HPH team, instead of a trusted volunteer.


What have you learned from interning with Hands Producing Hope?

I have learned more about the amazing programs and services Hands Producing Hope provides to its artisans! I have also learned more about what it takes to plan and execute events as a nonprofit. I have planned on campus events before, but that is nothing compared to what Rebecca does so frequently throughout the year! 

Coffee With Peyton - Hands Producing Hope

What has been your favorite project that you've worked on?

My favorite event I have worked for Hands Producing Hope so far would be the "Champarty," which was at The Circa 1857 Complex earlier this semester. It was a really cool event with so many neat vendors. I had never been to that part of Baton Rouge, so it was nice to be able to explore my college city.

My favorite project I have worked on so far has been planning and executing my HPH and sorority collaboration ideas. Rebecca has let me run with different ideas to give back to their philanthropies as well help expand HPH's market.


What is your favorite piece from the Spring Collection?

The Nova! I am utterly obsessed with the length and how beautiful the black dye is! I have convinced some of my friends buy it for themselves already!


What are some practical ways that people can make an impact in their community?

The best and most practical way to get involved and make a difference is to volunteer. There are so many nonprofit organizations in each city, let alone each state! Find something you're interested in and make the time. Being a reading buddy for students at an underprivileged school, visiting with patients in a hospital or hospice, or even loving on some animals at an animal shelter. An hour a month may not seem like too much to you, but it means the world to someone else. Take the time and be present in what you do! Life is short, so you gotta truly live while you have the time.


And just for fun..


What is the best concert you've been to?

I sadly have not been to many concerts, but I think my favorite was Bayou Country Super Fest. I love most music, but I have been to two BCSF concerts. Each one was a really unique experience because you get to see so many amazing artists in one night, (or for the whole weekend if you prefer that!


What is next on your travel bucket list?

I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit already but, next, I would love to go to Ireland and Scotland!

Thanks so much for joining us in getting to hear from Peyton! What a great way to start our new series. We love our interns and we'd love for you to be a part of our HPH team. Head right on over here to apply for one of our internships this summer or fall.