What's Your Footprint?

There's a common saying: what you wear presents who you are.

Hands Producing Hope - Blog - What's Your Footprint?

Clothes, jewelry and accessories are great and, of course, we love tailoring them to our personalities. This makes us feel more comfortable and excited about the items we are wearing. But have you ever thought about organic and eco-fashion products in the fashion world? If so, why is it so important?

The Ethical Fashion Forum defines:

Organic fashion: the use of minimal chemicals and impact on the environment to create clothing and accessories.

Eco fashion: all fabrics, accessories and clothing that have been manufactured in an environmentally conscious way.

It's as simple as that! There are many fashion companies all over the world now that are focusing on organic and eco-friendly production of their clothing and textiles. This is so important to the environment, for those that are actually making the clothes and for the people on this earth.

Where is the actual harm coming from?

The majority of the clothes that you have purchased, wear, or see out and about are comprised of synthetic materials called nylon and polyester. They are petrochemicals that have been contributing to global warming by polluting the environment. Another large contributor to the negative effect on the environment and to the health of the farmers is the modern day cotton farm production. The pesticides used to manufacture the cotton is actually causing serious effects every day that these farmers are exposed. There are several other large contributing factors, such as the production of wool and poly cotton, viscose fibers and certain dyes that we are most concerned about.

Hands Producing Hope - Blog - What's Your Footprint?

Creating organic products isn't always cheap. Many of these companies have to raise their prices on their items because of the true cost that goes into taking out the time to ensure the standard organic, eco-friendly and ethically-made requirements are met. When companies can take that opportunity of creating organic products - they are leaving their footprint on this earth. The value of manufacturing items of clothing or jewelry with natural materials, dyes and fibers leads us one step at a time to an extraordinary future!

If you want to learn more about the fashion industry, and how it can affect people and the environment, consider watching The True Cost. It is a documentary that covers the impact of the supply chain in fashion all over the world and tries to discover what that true cost really is. A good website for those in the US to consider using is The Good Trade when you are trying to decide on your purchase. Their goal of writing articles about companies featuring products, brands and ideas committed to social good is a great way to get started in the journey of figuring out how you can leave your footprint in this world through fashion.