5 New Year's Resolutions

  1. Be intentional. This applies to so many areas of our lives - with our time, with our resources.. in our relationships with each other, with family, with strangers.. in our workplaces and in our communities, near and far. We want to spend this year learning the art of living an intentional life by fully committing with our actions, our words, and, most importantly, our heart.
  2. Dream big and take risks. 2016 was a big year for us with the launch of our new program in Rwanda, getting to know our local community in Baton Rouge, introducing a number of new products and collections, participating in bigger events and welcoming new team members. None of that would have been possible without taking a leap of faith and diving in wholeheartedly. We hope to embrace 2017 with the same resolve and see our artisans, our programs, our team members and our business grow and flourish.
  3. Try something new. Whether little or big, we welcome the new year with an adventurous spirit and the determination to try something new. Founder & director Rebecca says: I want to have one creative project going at all times!  Content creator Emily adds: I want to try to take at least one photo a day, whether of something exciting or mundane. Life outside the limits of what you already know can be a beautiful, creative place.
  4. Look for the gold in those around you. If there's anything that working with artisans in a third-world country has taught us, it is that everyone has a story. Take a minute to pause and engage with those around you - from your elderly next-door neighbor who walks his dog at the same time every day, to the waitress hustling at weekend brunch, to the guy hauling in carts in the rain - when we take the focus off of us for a minute, we may find ourselves somewhere beautiful, in relationship and communion with someone we'd wouldn't have otherwise gotten to know.
  5. Take time to rest. What a glorious feeling rest is, yet how often do we actually take time to step back from our lives to unwind, let go, do absolutely nothing? The space and quiet that rest provides is absolutely necessary to our well-being. The original Hebrew root of "be still" actually means "let go." One way we can challenge ourselves to rest and let go is by observing a modern-day Sabbath. By unplugging once a week and removing the many distractions life throws our way, we can learn to become comfortable in our own discomfort, slow down and savor the beauty in life.

What are you resolving for this year?