A Grateful Heart

So often, we take our daily lives for granted. We take advantage of generous gifts, and many of us tend to have a “grass is greener on the other side” attitude. This was my first ever experience traveling to help others.

Working with an indigenous group of people was nothing that I thought and everything that I needed.

These women were not incompetent. Quite the contrary, actually. They took care of their families, often with little or no education. Many of them walked miles, infant in tow, to take advantage of the program we were offering. They did not come with a sense of entitlement, and they welcomed us with open arms.

We were two groups of people, whose paths would have never crossed—different colors, different languages, but one thing in common—a grateful heart.

Instead of looking at us as outsiders, these women once again did what was best for their families. Their talents have provided them with steady income for their families, but their grateful hearts have given them the strength and courage to persevere through life.


As I attempt to always have a grateful heart, I challenge you, as the reader, to make a difference in someone’s life. Step outside of comfort zones, always be thankful for new opportunities and new friends, and never forego the chance to encourage those around you. It is with a grateful heart that I ask you to pray for our artisans as they continue to courageously overcome the daily challenges of generational poverty.

A guest post by Katherine Kirsch, Office and Events Intern