Writing A Better Future

What if you knew your name but couldn’t write it? What if your children were finally able to go to school, but you couldn’t help them with homework? What if they brought home books to read and you couldn’t read them yourself?


We take it for granted, our education. We toss it to the side as if it’s another thing on a to-do list. Reality is, it's a tremendous blessing. A gift daily taken for granted that allows us the success we see in our everyday lives. 


After the ladies make their baskets, we thought it would be a good idea to have them write their name on a tag attached to the basket so that you would know who made it. We soon realized only about 4 ladies could write their own name! Wow. What a great need right before us that we are fully equipped to help change.

Education is more than just knowledge in a brain: it’s empowerment, confidence, success, change and growth!

We want the best for Nkombo Island, so we will give our best. Hands Producing Hope has launched a reading and writing class that will be taught by one of their own! And 22 enthusiastic ladies have signed up already! This will not only grow the community atmosphere, but literally change these women’s live, their children’s lives and generations of lives to come!