Meet the Team: Marybeth

Did you hear? We are just two days away before our US team heads to Rwanda! For the next three weeks, we will be growing in relationship with our artisans, designing new products, hosting life skills classes, meeting with our local staff, and dreaming about the future of this amazing new program on Nkombo Island. We are so thankful that we get to go and that we get to bring you along with us!

A group of future HPH artisans gathered on Nkombo Island to learn weaving techniques! 

Four of us will be traveling and we want you to get to know us a little bit better beforehand. Today, you will be meeting Marybeth. Marybeth first connected with HPH back in January when she volunteered to be a model for a photo shoot. She connected with the heart of HPH right away and, just a few months later, we were finding a way for her to join us in Rwanda! Check out the interview below to learn about who Marybeth is and why she is excited about this trip to Rwanda!


Where were you born? Scottsboro, Alabama

Where do you live? Lake Charles, Louisiana

Have you been to Rwanda before? Yes! I have been twice. Once only for a couple days as I journeyed to the DR Congo, and a second time when I stayed for a month at Let the Little Children Come to Me (LLCM), learning and serving the children and women of the village.

What are you most excited about for this trip to Rwanda? I have always carried a deep love for Africa, most especially the people, and I’m so thrilled to be with them again. Getting another chance to sit, laugh, and smile with them, even when we don’t understand one another’s language is breathtaking. I love their joy, contagious joy. Also, I am just really pumped to see them doing what they are so great at, which is making the beautiful baskets sold by HPH!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Why? Iceland. I’ve always been intrigued by it, since it seems almost impossible to reach. Recently, some traveling photographers I follow went, so seeing all their footage made me realize it MUST go on my bucket list!

What do you really love to do when you’re not working? Travel. I will go anywhere any day. Whenever I get the chance to go and explore somewhere new I’m all in, even if its only 10 minutes down the road. There’s so much beauty in even the smallest of adventures, maybe because it makes me feel like a kid again. ;-)

What is your favorite organization/business/brand that is helping to change the world? I love Compassion International. Orphans have always tugged deep at my heart and honestly, they were one of the first organizations I really got to know that was full force seeking to see poverty diminished. It wasn’t long before I was sponsoring a child and volunteering every chance I got. Their passion is evident in all that they do and I love their commitment to growth.

What’s your favorite blog that you follow? Oh Happy Day! She is one of my absolute favorites, I think because I want to be like her one day. Jordan is an ultimate trend setting creative with super fun style, I mean really, just go to her blog and it’s like instant happiness!

What’s a big life dream for you? One of my big life dreams is to own a wedding cake business. I have made cakes for several years and particularly love the wedding industry. There is something special about being a part of such a big and beautiful day. 

Favorite food? Probably fruit, but even better is fruit dipped in dark chocolate!  

Kittens or Puppies? Puppies, for sure! Anyday.