The Littles Collection


Last year, as our founder and director Rebecca was preparing for motherhood, she knew that she wanted to purchase products that made a difference in the lives of the craftsman and told a story, and for these products to be as unique as her baby.

Unfortunately, ethically-made goods can be difficult to obtain in this day-and-age of fast fashion. Fast fashion operates in a manner that emphasizes low quality and high volume. Because retailers are not paying the price it costs to manufacture clothing in a reasonably responsible manner, that means, logically, that someone else is - notably, the makers (source: The Fashion Law).


The heart behind The Littles Collection is to create a more accessible path for parents who want to give their kiddos high quality, handmade and impacting items - all while highlighting the talent of our Hands Producing Hope seamstresses (pictured below) and giving them the opportunity to continue improving their skills. Even through our purchases, we get to teach our babies that they can make a difference in someone's life, no matter how young they are. We get to lead by example and show our littles the type of world we want to live in - a world where all people are valued and quality is more important than quantity.

The Littles Collection is lovingly handmade by our Costa Rican seamstresses.