Hosting a Trunk Show

In this addition of Intern Insights, Sarah Rawls, our Campus Ambassador at ODU in Norfolk, VA will share about her recent experience and 5 favorite moments from hosting a trunk show at a local coffee shop!


1. Working with Borjo’s Coffeehouse

Borjo’s Coffeehouse generously allowed me to organize a Hands Producing Hope trunk show in their store the evening of April 20th. Although this was the first event I hosted in a store, it turned out encouragingly well! I cannot wait to plan my next event at Borjo's or another local coffee shop! There was plenty of space for customers, a jewelry display, and a stage. All of the staff members were exceedingly helpful and nice. They were continually making sure I had everything necessary and were always available to answer any questions. Also important to note, their menu is fantastic! Check out their website at Borjo Coffeehouse.



2. Setting up the display

Before setting up, I thought there was NO WAY I could possibly fill up the whole table with HPH products. But I'm glad they provided such a big table! There was almost not enough room to set up the display.

To decorate, I use painted glass bottles, corkboard squares, a jewelry box, and painted hymnals (much to my mom's distress). I also like to display multiple pictures of the women in Costa Rica to make the jewelry more personal and provide a connection for the customers.


3. Sharing the HPH story

Probably the most important and exciting part of any HPH event is getting to share the story and beliefs behind the organization. The same applies to the event at Borjo’s. Although public speaking is never something I look forward to, I cannot help but get excited when sharing the HPH story – with anyone and everyone who will listen.

I was especially encouraged this evening because the audience seemed particularly interested in my explanation of HPH. Multiple people came up after my hearing about HPH to ask further questions and learn more about the organization. These conversations provide great feedback for me! I learn what exactly interests people and can continually develop my “speech” for next time.


4. Collaborating with the band

Backwood Saints, a local band, was incredibly generous to perform during the show. They did such an extraordinary job entertaining the crowd in between explanations of Hands Producing Hope and fair-trade organizations. The night would not have been nearly as enjoyable without these two very talented musicians. Not only do I love their original music, but I am fortunate to call them good friends.

Check out their music on SoundCloud and like them on Facebook. If you would like to book them for your next event, shoot me an email at I would highly recommend them for any setting!


5. Connecting with Locals

  For a Monday evening, there was an unexpectedly huge turnout! I could not have asked for more support from friends, family, and even strangers. Personal conversations always make any event special. I always look forward to the people I meet at these events. Although the turnout consisted mostly of my friends, there were a few “strangers.”

One customer (pictured to the right) who was previously unfamiliar with HPH had actually traveled to and visited Costa Rica for several months. She was incredibly excited to learn about HPH and the empowerment that is provided through these handmade, fair-trade products.

Once again, I am so excited for the next time I can host an event like this! It's exciting being part of something so positive!