Sarah's Trunk Show Recap

In this addition of Intern Insights, Sarah Rawls, our Campus Ambassador at ODU in Norfolk, VA will share about her recent experience hosting a trunk show at her neighborhood clubhouse!

Recently, I hosted a trunk show in my neighborhood clubhouse.  As of yet, I think this has been the most successful event I’ve planned,  specifically for Hands Producing Hope. In order to reflect on the past and plan for the future, I would like to share what exactly I did, what worked well, and what I would change for next time.

Ready to Recap!

Like I said before, this trunk show was hosted at my neighborhood clubhouse, thanks to my dad’s great suggestion. As for the layout, all the jewelry was on a table in the side room. HPH information and handmade cards were on a separate table in the main room, along with a table with drinks and snacks.

Helpful Hints

First of all, the event details worked out really well. People were invited to come at any time between 1 and 5 o’clock, which was much more inviting than having to stay for a 2-hour party. It was also a beautiful Saturday afternoon, so people were already out running errands and enjoying the summer sunshine.

As each guest arrived, I took them into the “Jewelry Room,” which allowed for plenty of time and space to look, touch, and buy! After they were satisfied, I lead them to the main room to sign up for email updates and grab a snack. Usually, as one visitor finished up the “process,” the next one arrived. This allowed for individual and personalized time with each person.

In each of the four frames, there was a picture of either a Costa Rican artist or HPH values, which added more personalization to the whole purchasing process.

After inviting all my friends on Facebook (and making my mom do the same), I sent individual messages to (almost) each guest invited. It turns out that one of my mom’s friends came specifically because of this message!

Tactful Tweaks

One thing I would definitely do next time is advertise more to the neighborhood. To do this, I will put flyers up by the mailboxes and make sure there is an announcement in the neighborhood email.

As I said before, I think the trunk show turned out really well and I cannot wait for the next one! During this next semester, I plan on organizing some shows at local coffee shops, open mics, and the clubhouse!

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