Be the Tourist of your City

Something that I love about my generation is that we are always looking to change something or make a difference. But part of me feels like maybe we’ve missed the point. We go looking to make change, but we make making a difference harder than what it has to be.


I talk a lot about adventure, and I’m sorry. I’m a nineteen year old college student. I love adventure. Part of what I love about adventure is challenging the idea of your comfort zone, and living outside of that.

I feel like living outside of your comfort zone, living more intentionally, is a lot easier to do in a new place than what it is to do in your own city. But that doesn’t negate the fact that we are supposed to live intentionally in the places we know as home.


It’s easy to do something to make a difference when you are outside of your comfort zone. It’s so exciting. Everything is new, and nothing is dull. There are so many new faces, and all of your senses are heightened. It’s like a new relationship. You want to hang on to every word spoken so that you don’t miss a beat.

Then, slowly, you start missing certain words, and then the next thing you know, what was once new and exciting is now old and dull. It’s not that you’ve fallen out of love, but the infatuation, the mystery is now gone, and what you are left with is what it is.

A place. A place in where you still are even though the initial spark is gone. A place in where your heart is, even though it seems miles and miles away. A place that needs just as much love and intentionality as the next adventure that’s waiting out there for you to find.

Go, because we all need to at some point. Just don’t forget about where you are right now. Where you are now, and where you’ll be going soon are both equally important. They both demand the same amount of intentionality.

When you go, go to be all there. When you stay, stay with every intention of living like a tourist in your own city.

Seek out the change in where you are. You’re there for a reason.